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Fists in Solidarity

meet our team

“It is incredible what a small group of individuals with the same motivation, inspiration and focus can accomplish. I am thrilled to see my vision, now our shared vision, becoming a reality day by day. Knowing that we are helping improve these youngsters’ chances in life is so rewarding!”

-Rudy Bustamante

Get to know our volunteers

Yes, MagicWaste Youth Foundation is very much like other charitable organizations. It is focused on addressing a specific situation within the community. It raises funds via events, activities, donations and sponsorships to support programs. It follows specific state and federal regulations regarding its structure and operations. However, MWYF is rather unique in that it is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization! Each and every one of its members has other professional responsibilities and lend their time, talent, expertise, and connections to this cause.

MWYF founder and the team’s “fearless leader” Rudy Bustamante explains it best: “In mid-2016, I recruited a group of outstanding colleagues and friends —all of them top-notch South Florida professionals and entrepreneurs— to help me give these kids a fighting chance at developing their full potential. We rolled up our sleeves from day one and have been busy ever since.”


Love is the driving force that inspires the MWYF team to find —or create— ways in which to assist South Florida foster youths, specifically those who have “aged-out” of the foster care system and are left

with no guidance or support.

executive board

Dad Adjusted Fix FIx.jpg
Rudy Bustamante
Founder + President
Frank Adjusted_edited.jpg
Frank Robleto
Vice President
Rebeca Adjusted Remove Glare.jpg
Rebeca C. Trujillo
Wilma Nazario

board members

Jaqueline Ceballos
Susan Adjusted_edited.jpg
Susan Montoya
Susana Goode
Adalberto Maulini
Nelson Adjusted_edited.jpg
Claudia Adjusted_edited.jpg
Nelson Roach
Claudia Trejos
Lissete Adjusted_edited.jpg
Lissette Hermida
Bayardo Aleman


Chrissy Adjusted_edited.jpg
Christine Bustamante
Community Relations
Next-Gen Liaison
Meli Liquid_edited.jpg
Arquimedes Adjusted_edited.jpg
Lastra Adjusted_edited.jpg
Arquimedes Trujillo
Founding Member
Meli Bustamante-Prieto
Next-Gen Chair
Alex Lastra

advisory council

Official Headshots 
Coming Soon!
Luis Carreras
Lily Lopez
Ana C. Martinez
Manuel Fernandez
Rose Carreras
Belkis Anderson
Sonya Lima
Ruth Ramirez
Alex Adjusted_edited.jpg
Alex Valcarcel
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